Buses and Trains

I’m going to cut the bullshit here and admit something to myself. The past year has been nothing but a waste. I wasted a whole year letting opportunities pass, depending on others, and letting my dreams sit on themselves. I wasted a whole year.

There’s no one else to blame but myself, of course. My life has never been this out of axis before. I used to follow and stick to some sort of structure–high school, college, work. But now that I have released myself from their hold, I feel directionless and mundane. It’s as though several fast trains have come and passed, and I have just been sitting at the same station for a year, waiting for the perfect one to come, that one with squeaky clean seats where all my dreams are. Stupid, stupid really. You see, my main problem is that I waited for the train. I waited for my dreams to come true. I did not go the extra mile to search for it, to even check if it’s going to pass by. I did not go after it. And now, a whole year has gone.

It’s time to move.


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